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Jeremy Jones

A creative spark that was born from comic books and cartoons, later nurtured on the painted concrete slopes and ramps of Southbank Skatepark, Jeremy Jones is an artist who manages to balance his artistic skills just as successfully as his skateboarding prowess.

Inspiration struck Jeremy Jones at a young age when he found himself copying the cartoons from Beano comics and tv shows like the Simpsons.

This creative interest developed further toward graffiti and lowbrow art which was driven by Jeremy’s newly discovered passion for skateboarding around age 10. 

Places like South Bank in London that provided legal spaces for graffiti and spray paint art gave Jeremy Jones the opportunity to practice freely and hone his skills in both of his outlets; spray painting and skateboarding.

Moving forward to the present day, Jeremy Jones is now passing on his creative skills by teaching others through his spray painting and stencil cutting workshops at an art gallery in West London. Jeremy has also recently been working on graphics for renowned skateboarding brands such as Vans, Spitfire and Slam City Skates.

Jeremy Jones has experimented with and practiced a variety of painting techniques over the years, shaping his current style which often includes a mixture of ‘Wildstyle’ graffiti shapes, bold cartoony lines and pop culture references.