Paul "Cham" Cunningham

A life long "people watcher," Cham has been sketching and drawing the people and environment around him since a child. Always with a pencil, brush or spray can, his ability to communicate through images eventually led to a career in the world of Design.

As a Commercial Designer for many years, Cham was able to use his creative skills working extensively in the Far East but also South Africa, USA and Europe. Although every part of his career required a creative element there was nothing as satisfying as creating unique pieces of art. The passion for art ultimately resulted in a decision to end a successful career in Design to focus solely on his Art.

Whilst renting studio space many years ago Cham was lucky enough to become good friends with the brilliant Artist Paul Karslake FRSA who introduced him to the world of Airbrush Painting.

Cham worked alongside Paul until his sad passing during the COVID pandemic.

Often working in just one colour, Cham endeavours to capture more than just an image in his paintings, especially his portrait work with focus on the movement, moods and atmosphere. He believes painting people he personally admires is beneficial to the final result.


Metric Size
Inches (") Centimeters (cm)
20 ″ 50.80 cm
30 ″ 76.20 cm
40 ″ 101.60 cm
50 ″ 127.00 cm
60 ″ 152.40 cm
70 ″ 177.80 cm
80 ″ 203.20 cm
90 ″ 228.60 cm
100 ″ 254.00 cm