Harriet Whyatt

Harriet Whyatt

Harriet grew up in a house surrounded by artists. Despite her family’s artistic roots, Harriet was more excited by film as a medium and sought a more rock and roll lifestyle. She enrolled at Falmouth School of Art to pursue this opportunity where she was surrounded by inspiring and colourful people. This was when Harriet discovered the beauty and power of painting. Harriet’s means to pursue this would find her seeking wood in skips and emptying her daughters paint stash, and she hasn’t stopped painting since.

Harriet loves the freedom of expression that she gets from painting. She doesn’t feel restricted in anyway. Harriet loves figurative painting and particularly the study of the physical relationship between two people, all the things that make us human when we form a strong attachment to another human being.

Harriet highly respects the Romany Gypsies; a group of people who have their own strong identity and culture; rich with colour and creativity and a fierce resistance to outside pressures to disappear. For Harriet, the Romany Gypsies are colourful and beautiful with a magical draw, to be respected. The Circus is also a massive inspiration for Harriet. Groups of people who have an alternative lifestyle which takes them on the road, people who have strong bonds and a shared passion performing acts which involve real danger, so you have that element of fear and complete trust.

‘For me this human strength and vibrancy along with the aesthetic glory of these studies offers me an unlimited and endless source of inspiration.’


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