Mr Go

Mr Go

Taking influences of photorealism, photo montage and surrealism to create his work, Mr Go’s portfolio is bright and experimental.

Combining traditional pen sketch work with digital mark making techniques, Mr Go’s art contains humour and wit, often using word play or visual puns to communicate his point and entertain.

Drawing on influences of photorealism, the detail he manages to achieve within his work is impressive - most look like photographs. It’s only when you look closely you notice the hand developed details and quirks that embellish his digitally drawn subjects.

Originally from the south coast, Mr Go is currently living and working out of London.

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Metric Size
Inches (") Centimeters (cm)
20 ″ 50.80 cm
30 ″ 76.20 cm
40 ″ 101.60 cm
50 ″ 127.00 cm
60 ″ 152.40 cm
70 ″ 177.80 cm
80 ″ 203.20 cm
90 ″ 228.60 cm
100 ″ 254.00 cm

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