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Craig Davison releases first ever lenticular limited edition 'Caped Crusaders' (Batman & Robin) and UK Edition of 'Choose Your Own Heroes'

Craig Davison releases first ever lenticular limited edition 'Caped Crusaders' (Batman & Robin) and UK Edition of 'Choose Your Own Heroes'

Craig Davison's very first ever Lenticular limited edition artwork, titled "Caped Crusaders" was released on Friday 12th February 2021. The Batman & Robin artwork is based on two separate, original, hand painted artworks that have been combined to create one of the most flawless lenticular lenses we've ever showcased. Limited to just 50 editions, we have no doubt these new additions to Craig's award winning portfolio will go down well with his fans.

Craig's "Choose Your Own Heroes" (nurse) artwork was an exclusive release late last year in the US.Today, the UK editions have been released, but this time, in aid of a very good cause. In a similar fashion to the Paul Oz and JJ Adams charity artworks created last summer, a percentage of the proceeds of sales of the limited-editions will be donated to the NHS Charities Together Fund.

Purchase the artwork:

  • 'Caped Crusaders' (Lenticular Limited Edition) - £895
  • 'Caped Crusaders' (Original Artwork) - £4,495
  • 'Choose Your Own Heroes' UK Edition (Limited Edition) - From £355 
  • About Craig Davison:

    As he rode his bike across the famous steel city of Sheffield in the early 1970’s, Craig Davison could not have predicted the impact these care free days would have upon his career some 40 years later.

    With the adventures and escapades of a youth well (miss)pent coming to a close and the nearly endless summer holidays leaving only the very best memories in its place, the line towards becoming one of the UK’s best selling fine artists was anything but a straight one.

    A successful role as a cartoonist began the journey with drawing the likes of The Shoe People and The Wombles before moving into animation and games design with a major British company.

    Working on a wide portfolio of the day’s most known computer games including Zorro, The Hulk and The Hurricanes allowed Craig the platform to sculpt everyday as his sculpting reference figures for 3D animation developed him artistically enough to become a freelance sculptor working alongside international brands including Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Turning from clay to brush, Craig Davison began seriously painting as recently as 2007.

    Find out more about the artist

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