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Caroline Shotton

Inspiration often comes out of the blue, I don't have to try to think up a new piece to start if the studio is empty of work as there are lots of ideas for titles, cow puns, compositions, colours and techniques scribbled on scraps of paper, receipts, sweet wrappers etc!

I suppose you could call them lightbulb moments that come out of the blue, but when you've been painting cows for over 15 years, I guess my mind is subconsciously whirring away all the time searching for inspiration.

I often have ideas for new pieces in the middle of the night, so I keep a sketch pad next to the bed to jot ideas down otherwise I cant get back to sleep for fear of forgetting them! It sounds odd but I often dream I am painting, it feels so real and sometimes I wake up and go down to the studio expecting it to be there. 

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