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Michael Alford

Painting for Michael Alford is recapturing the experience of seeing, without being too literal-minded about what that experience is or means. His work always starts with direct observation of the visible world. It can be broad and sweeping, as in landscapes or cityscapes, or very close and intimate, as in figures, nudes or interiors.

Michael Alford often goes out looking for subjects and return to the studio with sketches or drawings. These Michael Alford uses as a starting point for a process that turns raw observation, impressions, into something more abstract and evocative. The process often involves cutting out visual distractions and transient effects so that the resulting image has more power.

Time acts as an important filter for Michael Alford and so does physical distance between the initial sketch and the painting. Both help him distil the memory and pick out the essential forms. His overall aim is to communicate my experience of seeing, to convey through the use of light and shadow and mood some of the magic and mystery Michael Alford feels when I look at the world.“