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Monica Vincent


Monica Vincent is a self-taught 3D and digital artist. Constantly inspired by her hometown, and the UK's Southern art capital, Brighton. A mother of two young girls, Monica uses whatever free time she can spare sketching, photographing or manipulating her works using three-dimensional digital mapping & layering techniques. Monica Vincent also considers herself the country's greatest barista!

Far more modest as an artist, her non-coffee-based creations are finished digitally, but begin life on her much-thumbed sketchbook & within her extensive back catalogue of her own photography. Drawing passion and muse from a wide range of artistry, Monica Vincent feels equally at home adoring the works of the great masters as she does savouring the work of the greatest traditional tattooists of our time. Nearly all holidays are to take in international tattoo conventions & art shows across the UK & Europe.

Monica Vincent tries to let my artwork speak for itself, but she love crazy patterns, ink culture and paintings that are older than the houses they hang in! If Monica Vincent is not designing tattoo flash, she's making my own comic book designs in my spare time. Or at least what is left of it!.

Monica Vincent began exhibiting nationally in 2017 following success as a local artist on the south coast. Her artistic licence has its own recognisable flavour which is based around mixing the iconic with the surreal. Although digital layering is nothing new in the art industry, Monica likes to think that my take on such themes that she's currently experimenting with will at least encourage a smile rather than to impress a serious critic.