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Lee McCarthy

Mostly self-taught, artist Lee McCarthy started his own landscape company which was quite successful for a few years but in 2008 it was forced to shut down due to recession. 

After this Lee McCarthy decided to set up a studio in his home and start painting full time. Lee built up a collection of work and would submit to online galleries and put his work in local art shows and galleries and rented stalls at art markets. 

Lee McCarthy's love for the coast and holidays to the coastal regions of Britain has inspired him to create this collection of work. Working in acrylics on canvas he builds up layers of textures and colour trying to keep a uniform colour co-ordination as the artist feels this brings the whole picture together. After that Lee will get to the fun part of adding all the details which brings the painting to life.

Lee has developed a style of my own over the past few years which he would call modern impressionism and naïve. Being from the north he has always loved the work of the great L.S. Lowry and feels his work resembles his in some ways. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere or anytime, anyplace. Lee finds my ideas and inspiration comes to me mostly when I am about to sleep at night. He will be lying there and many ideas will race through my mind and he'll have to jump up and note things down or do a quick sketch so he can then put them into practice when he next paints. Sometimes Lee will just jump up put on my overalls and paint into the early hours because he can't wait till the next day.

Art is Lee McCarthy's passion which is with him every single day and he couldn't think of anything more exiting to do and feel very lucky that he can do something that I love.